Cat Peeing On Bed

Your cat peeing on bed because they have a medical problem, you must take them to a vet to get them check out.

Cats are very intelligent animals, they are telling you that something is wrong with them, this will be a medical issue.

My cat was peeing on my pillow and other parts of the bed, I found out my cat had a tumour on her side, we could not save our cat, but you can if you get them to the vet asap.

Cat Peeing On Bed

Your cat might not have a serious problem like mine did, it might just well be a bladder infection, however you still need to see a vet to get this issue sorted.

Cat Peeing On Bed

Now if the cat comes back from the vet and does not have a medical problem it is 100% down to an issue with anxiety.

Cats can get stressed too, this usually happens when a change has been made to their surroundings or normal daily routine.

Think about what has changed in your cats life to cause this. Have you got a new pet? Have you moved home?

These things can be the trigger to your cat peeing on your bed.

A vet will also help you find the reason for this, they will trigger an event or occurrence that has caused this to happen.

The problem could be something very little, like you have changed the cat litter tray position, or even changed the type of litter in the tray.

You will be pleased to hear that there is a simple solution to stop your cat peeing on clothes and other items in the house, follow the link to find out.

You can take a look at that option right now if you are not wanting to take your cat to the vet or try to discover what has caused the issue.

Even your behaviour and others in the house that the cat lives in may have caused it to pee on your bed. If you are arguing a lot or if you have a new resident, all this can make a difference to the cats life.

Remember to ensure your cats litter tray is always clean, this could be another reason.

If the cat is not comfortable in the litter box for any reason, they will go away from it and pee somewhere they feel comfortable.

Sometimes it is a good idea to have two litter trays in play, use different litter filling to discover which the cat prefers to use.

Another cause maybe because you have moved the position of their litter box, if this is the case then simply move it back to the old location and the cat will stop peeing on your bed.

Of course the easiest solution to stop your cat peeing on your bed is to close your bedroom door, stop them going into your bedroom.

The big problem with this is that they will simply pee somewhere else in the house other than their litter tray.

You really do have to find the route cause of the problem.

The cat peeing on bed is usually easily resolved. If you need any more info please send us an email, we are happy to help any time.

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