How to stop Cat from Peeing On Clothes and everywhere

Did you catch your cat peeing on clothes?

Good news, we are going to reveal how you can stop this happening again.

Owning a pet is one of the best things you can do for yourself. However, amongst a huge number of options available to select your pet from, cats are given fewer credits than they actually deserve. Cats are probably one of the friendliest animals around, despite their reputation. They are often considered to be introverted, lonely, and aloof animals, but the truth is quite opposite from it.

Cats are very loving, playful, and affectionate creatures who can easily adjust in any kind of environment. They can be great playmates and cuddle buddies. Cats have different personalities, some can be friends with anyone in an instant while others run for the hills as soon as they see a stranger. Some are cuddly while others may not like to be touched at all.

A cat peeing on clothes

Caring for them in the best possible ways brings its own kind of rewards. Other than companionship these rewards can range from helping you out of depression to helping you develop better immunity. Moreover cats are hassle-free animals. Their management is easy and requires little investment. They can settle in any corner of the house they love. Their basic needs include food and water, if you can provide them these two necessities they are good to go!

One of the problems you may have is that you regularly see your cat peeing on your clothes. In this article, we will explore the ways you can stop your cat from doing this, so read on towards the end.

Cats Make The Best Pets

Below are some of the few points which prove that cats can be the best pets.

  • Cats are independent, so they can be left at home with their food and they will easily live by themselves.
  • They can be hilarious at times, providing you with the benefit of having a full time entertainer for free at home. They can spend hours chasing their own tails, they can get scared from their own image in the mirror, or they can adopt some strange positions to relax.
  • Cats do not disturb everyone by meowing loudly. Cats never meow loud enough to annoy people around them.
  • They are essentially self-cleaning. You will often find your cat in a corner grooming itself. They lick their whole bodies to maintain their cleanliness. Cat owners do not have to worry about daily bathing. However, owners may be required to brush their cats’ hair.
  • Cats can be potty trained. And once their training is complete they will never be mess creators in the house. They can be trained to excrete in their litter boxes or even in actual toilets.
  • It was found in a research that owning a cat can help in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Nearly 4500 adults owning cats were found out to have 40% decrease in heart diseases than those who do not own cats. Even those who owned cats in the past were less likely to have fatal heart diseases.
  • Another study found out that cats help children who are suffering from autism. During a social interaction among pets and autistic children it was observed that those children whose condition dramatically improved later on were largely found to be cat owners.

Two small cats staring at camera

Despite all these advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. Sometimes, even with all the toilet training, an otherwise well-behaved cat may choose to pee on your clothes. There are many reasons why this can happen, but that doesn’t mean that hope is lost. Read on to find out why cats do this, and what can be done about it.

Does Your Cat Pee Everywhere?

Imagine your furball peeing on your clothes when you cuddle with him. This sounds disgusting. Even though it has been mentioned earlier that cats can be super adorable as pets, they can prove to be annoying as well. Cats are usually clean animals who prefer to keep their surroundings clean, but sometimes they might develop one of the most frustrating habits of peeing out of litter boxes. So, if your cat has developed this habit of peeing on your clothes or on the furniture or on the floor, your home might have already started to smell like a litter box. There are many reasons why your cat does this, and you need to understand this to be able to address the problem.

The Cat May Be Confused

A cat must be trained to use its litter box while excreting. If the training has not been done properly your cat can get confused and urinate on anything that feels comfortable to it. As a result, you will have to face the trouble of cleaning cat pee around your house or your clothes and beds.
There is also a possibility that your cat may pee in any container which seems like its litter box. It can be your laundry basket too. This can be solved by investing time and effort in training the cat and restricting its access to your laundry hamper.

The Cat May Be Pissed At You

Cats have feelings too. They can get angry at you if you have scolded them or shouted at them. Cats can also get jealous of you. So, your cat peeing on your clothes or furniture is their way of expressing their anger and discomfort. This is usually a temporary problem that can get resolved over time if you give your cat the attention it wants.

Cute white kitten

The Cat Might Be Sick

A cat may develop urinary tract infection which can cause it to urinate frequently and without sensing the need to do it. It can result in a haphazard toilet routine. If you notice frequent urination, or other telltale signs like discomfort or blood in the urine, contact your vet.

The Cat May Be Marking Territory

This often happens when you have multiple cats. Cats often pee outside their litter boxes to tell other cats they’re the boss. They are territorial animals and mark their territory with their pee. You can generally resolve this by getting each cat its own separate litter box.

Another Solution To Stop A Cat Peeing On Clothes

Apart from the obvious solutions to stop a cat peeing on clothes, if you are looking for a complete solution to your problem, your worries are now over. Sarah Richards, who is a veterinarian associated with the ASPCA has written an e-book called Cat Spraying No More. This e-book is a complete guide to help cat owners tackle the problem of your cat spraying. Starting from the comprehensive understanding of why cats spray, how to change their behavior and ultimately to provide you solutions which are helpful enough to eradicate this problem.

Why You Need Cat Spraying No More
  • The book provides complete and necessary information about the causes which might be responsible for your cats spraying.
  • It provides factual figures about this problem. It indicated that one out of every 10 cats suffers from this problem.
  • This book also specifies that ignoring this problem might make it worse. Cat owners facing this problem have to use tried and tested methods in order to get rid of it, to and encourage your cats to use their litter boxes instead of shouting and yelling at them.
  • This e-book also offers the Cat Training Bible, which is full of strategies and techniques to improve your cat’s behavior.
  • Moreover, you can also get 101 Recipes for A Healthy Cat App which is a bonus for all cat owners, allowing you to prepare healthy and nutritional meals for your cats.
  • This e-book comes with guidelines from the experts of the field of cat care. These tips will allow you to learn about all the mandatory vaccinations, healthy diets, and grooming tips to keep your cats happy.
  • Another plus point of the e-book is that it comes with a Pet Medical Recorder software which enables pet owners to keep a record of the routine checkups of their cats and important medical treatments.

Resting fat cat

Pros And Cons Of This Product

There are many pros but also some cons of this product. Here’s a few I thought you should be aware of before considering the product.

  • It comes with a vast amount of information to help you as a cat owner develop an understanding of cat spraying.
  • This e-book is a complete guide. It provides tones of knowledge, tips, and tricks to solve the problem of cat spraying and getting rid of it.
  • It suggests tried and tested remedies for cat owners.
  • Sarah Richards offers a money back guarantee to buyers. If the information provided in the guide does not prove to be sufficient or helpful to you and you decide on returning the e-book, you just have to e-mail Sarah and 100% of your money will be reimbursed.
  • It is only in text format. A video format would have proved more useful.
  • The information provided does not mention any links or references which could be used to learn more about the topic.

Cat resting in a bowl


If you are worried because your cat is peeing everywhere but not in the litter box and your house smells disgusting, the first step you need to do is to build an understanding of this habit adopted by your cat. After doing so, you must conduct some tested remedies to stop your cat from doing this.

Moreover, in order to ease your pain and worry, you can get Cat Spraying No More, which is a complete guideline offering tons of techniques and tested remedies which have been proven to be quite helpful to cat owners. This e-book is inexpensive and comes with money back guarantee. So, it is actually worth the investment. It will stop your cat peeing on your clothes and making a smell everywhere around the house.

You can get the product to stop a cat peeing on clothes by clicking here.

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