Female Cat Spraying – STOP Fast

Here is a different way to stop female cat spraying anywhere for good. You will not see this trick anywhere else. Look at this method, it works, it’s free and it’s easy.

The fastest way to get a male cat to stop spraying is to have them neutered. They are spraying because they want to breed, but what about female cats spraying?

I am going to reveal the fast and free trick to stop your female cat from spraying anywhere for good.

Female Cat Spraying

If you have a male cat we have also done a blog post on how to stop male cats from spraying fast and easy, you can see this here.

Fast Way to STOP Female Cat Spraying

First of all you need to understand that a female cat sprays because something has changed in their life and they have some kind of anxiety issues.

There is one fast and easy way to fix this right now and stop them spraying anywhere every again for good.

Follow these simple steps to stop your female cat from spraying today:

  1. Any changes to the cats routine must be reversed. Female cats love a routine and it must be kept the same. Any recent changes must be reversed.
  2. The cat needs to have their own space, give them that and do not change it.
  3. You can stop your cat from going outside for a while, this will help too.
  4. A female cat sprays to feel more content when they become stressed, reduce the stress and make the cat feel content.

Each individual case will be different.

For example, cat A might be stressed because you have just brought a new pet into the household.

Or cat B might be stressed because you have moved house.

In both circumstances you need to de-stress your female cat. Cat A needs to have their own space and should be kept away from the new pet.

Cat B should be given time to come to terms with their new surroundings, give the cat it’s own space and toys, keep them in the same place and give them a routine and stick to it.

This will help the cats become less anxious and in very little time at all will completely stop spraying.

These are completely free methods to stop your cat from spraying and are definitely worth giving a go.

They do work if you are prepared to stick with them.

We also have an ebook that goes in depth on how you can completely stop your male or female cat from spraying.

You can find out more about the ebook Right Here.

The guide will help you understand how and why your cat sprays or urinates all the times and tells you exactly how to stop it.

Like we say, each cat is different. The ebook guide covers every eventuality and will help you in your specific situation.

To stop your female cat spraying take a look at the ebook here.

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