Male Cat Spraying – STOP FAST

Here is a super simple and fast way to stop a male cat spraying anywhere for good. It is different and not seen anywhere else. Take a look at this guide before anything else, it will blow your mind how simple it is.

We all know why you want to stop this, the smell is not very nice and it can stain walls and furniture.

This is a problem for many people that own cats, however you will be pleased to know that there is a solution and it is very simple.

Male Cat Spraying

Anyone can follow this little less know way to stop your cat from spraying everywhere for good.

This guide is for use on your male cat, we have another guide to follow on this site if you want your female cat to stop spraying.

Let’s get to the details of how you can do this right now from today.

Easy Way to STOP Male Cat Spraying

Few simple steps to follow, this will stop your male cat spraying forever.

Before we start you must understand that the cat sprays and urinates to mark territory. The spray is mostly done for mating when they are ready to breed.

  1. Make sure it is spray and not wee. Easy to tell the difference, everyone knows what wee smells like, cat spray is completely different.
  2. The easiest quick fix is to get your cat neutered. However this has a cost and you may want a free method.
  3. Give your cat their own space and ensure that they have the same routine everyday and stick to it.
  4. One simple and fast fix is to stop your male cat going outside for a while. This will eventually eliminate the need for territory marking.

Give your male cat a stress free environment and keep their daily routine the same and they will stop spraying.

A cost free way to stop spraying is to stop your cat from going outdoors and from coming into contact with other cats, even seeing another cat through the window will trigger off a spray.

We have an ebook that will be very useful to you.

The ebook covers everything in detail that we have discussed here today.

To find out more details about the ebook and what it covers CLICK HERE.

If you have followed the free tips above and your male cat is still spraying we highly recommend taking a loom through the ebook.

The ebook is very easy to follow and will help you stop your male cat spraying forever.

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