Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds

If you’re a cat lover, you already know that there are a lot of different breeds out there. You can choose a short or long haired one, tuxedo, tabbies – you name it. If you like to cuddle, there’s one particular kind of cat you should consider going for and that the long-haired cat breed. Cats are clean animals, so you don’t have to worry about their ‘hygiene’ just because the fur is longer. Yes, you might spend more time collecting fur balls, but they are worth having.

You’ll be able to get a good cuddle from these felines. Do you enjoy taking pictures of your cats? Then you’ll enjoy having these types of cats because they’re photogenic. Here are our top picks for popular long haired cat breeds.

American Bobtail

This shaggy cat is one that’s adored for its unique features. It came about in the 1960’s after a short-tailed male tabby was crossbred with a Siamese. You can get one that’s either medium or long coat. Their ‘bobbed’ tail, which is about a third to a half of the length of a normal cat’s tail, is what sets it apart. It’s not as loud as other breeds but communicates in chirps, trills, and clicks when excited. They are just as playful so toys will come in handy.

One of the most popular long haired cat breeds is the American Bobtail

American Curl

This breed is primarily known for their ears that curl back away from the face. You will need to handle it with care; the cartilage can get damaged if you’re rough. They are gentle as well and like hanging around kids. When they need or want something, they go about asking for it politely and quietly. They like being held and carried around thus making them ideal petting companions.


This cat is initially from Burma. They were typically known to live in temples and worshipped for some time. What is loved most about these beautiful cats is their energetic and super loving of their human mates. They are known for their dedication and giving you unwavering attention even when you’re busy. Their fur is also silky, making it a favorite breed.


Also referred to as the long-haired Manx, this cat is as bold and fierce as its name. That type of personality, if we can call it that, makes this cat perfect guard cats. They are just as beautiful as they are protective of people they care about. Cymric are territorial. If you have young ones around, you’ll be almost sure that they’re well taken care of. They are quite patient as well as energetic, and can keep up with toddlers easily.


A cross breed of a Siamese and a Persian, its look and personality are similar to their parents. It is a balance between playful and calm when it wants to be. Depending on the people in your family, it can play around with them, or just hang out on your lap or chest as you pet it. The fur on this long-haired cat breed is quite impressive both to look at and touch.

Maine Coon

Just by looking at it you can tell that this is a tough cat. The look of it reminds you of a lion. It does however come off as gentle. The fur color and pattern is distinct as well as water repellent. They are capable of living in almost any region of the world. As they age, they still look and behave like giant kittens with shaggy fur.

Another popular cat called the Maine Coon

Norwegian Forest

This cat breed is known for wanting to flex its muscles but also play with humans. They are a bit overly energetic; you’ll notice it in their like for playing and tearing at things. Their coat also darkens slightly or becomes lighter depending on the weather. You might find, however, that you have to brush it daily when it’s shedding.


This breed is one of the top known long haired cat breeds in the USA. They have been around for a long time and come with different fur types and colors, such as grey and white. You can get one with soft cotton-like fur or one that’s shiny and silky. Persians are photogenic and laid-back as well. They also adapt well to any situation that it may be in.

Very cuddly Persian kitty


The blue eyes are what this cat breed is well known for. They are also quite common, but often time people don’t associate this cat with the name. They look and feel gorgeous, and they love being held. It is not a long-haired breed; it falls under the semi-longhaired category. The coats vary. You can get one with a color point, bicolor, mitted or a van pattern.  The colors include blue, chocolate, cream and red.

Ragdoll cat with beautiful eyes


From their name, you can tell that these cats can survive almost anywhere. Siberian coats are thick and heavy due to the cold, harsh weather of the land they originated from. The fur is also water resistant. They do love cuddling up with humans and are typically calm. When it comes to playing, they mostly like chasing tops around. It also falls under the semi-longhaired breed. In warm weather, expect them to shed quite a bit.


These foxlike looking cats are very energetic. They first came about as long-haired Abyssinian. A recessive gene causes their long fur. If you have kids and you’ve love to pair them with a high energy cat, then this one’s the one to get. Get a lot of toys to keep it busy as well. They are quite intelligent and are even capable of learning how to open doors. Be mindful of them; they are equally good at playing ‘hide and seek.’


Didn’t know what type of long haired cat breeds to get? We hope this selection helped you decide what feline you want to bring home. Like with many pets, there’s always a price to pay. With these breeds, invest in a good brush and set a grooming routine. That way, you avoid going round picking fur balls or vacuuming frequently to rid surfaces of cat hair.


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