Stop Your Cat From Spraying

If you’re reading this article, then you probably have a problem with your cat spraying. I was like you, I was fed up of seeing my cats pee everywhere. My cats Bella (girl) and Oreo (boy) used to spray on everything – couch, bed and even the dining table! As you can imagine, this was super inconvenient, to say the very least. What I hated the most was that I had to constantly clean up after them and get rid of the cat spray smell before guests came over to my house. If the cat sprayed while the guests were there, you can imagine how embarrassing it was for me. Not only that, when you are working during the day, you come home tired and wanting to lie down, only to find out the cats have peed on your cushion! One day, I got so fed up and decided to find a solution. I was pretty sceptical of all the solutions other people had posted in forums and on blogs, but there was one solution that fixed the problem for me. I don’t have to deal with a pee soaked couch or bed any more! What a relief that is. Read to the end to find out how the same solution can help you. But first, you’ve got to understand the underlying causes…






Understanding the Cause

Your cat will not begin to pee on your bed without a cause. Sometimes the cause is obvious, while other times it takes a deeper investigation. Every cat is different.

Like people, all cats are different. They possess unique personalities, live in diverse environments, react to stress differently, and have different histories. All these things will affect the reasoning behind why your cat may be peeing outside their litter box.

One of the reasons can be anxiety. Cats are very anxious creatures, as they still possess many instinctive traits which kept them alive in the wild. Many animal authorities say that cats are only half domesticated, due to the fact they do not act all that different in the home than they would in the wild.

Other things can also cause your cat to pee on the bed. This might include a medical reason, such as a urine tract infection (UTI), a behavioral issue (which is very rare), or even simple confusion – particularly if you have not had your cat for long. Inappropriate peeing may even be a way for your cat to comfort themselves with their own smell when they are feeling sad or lonely.

Removing Urine Smell

Since my cats liked to pee on my bed the most, I’ll give you detailed instructions on how to remove the smell from the bed:

  1. Strip all the linens off the bed, and throw them in the washer right away – do not let them sit in the laundry basket or utility room, as this may lead to a new area for your cat to pee in
  2. Add half a cup of distilled white vinegar or a quarter cup of baking soda to the load of wash to ensure bedding does not come out smelling like urine
  3. Once the mattress is bare, gently blot at the urine with a damp cloth, paper towel, or tissue. This will help by (a) soaking up as much urine as possible, and (b) diluting the potent urine smell.
  4. Sprinkle baking soda onto the mattress and allow to dry for a minimum of three hours. If possible, spend the night on the couch to allow it dry overnight. The baking soda will soak up leftover moisture and is well known for its odor eating powers.
  5. In the morning, use the handheld attachment on your floor vacuum or your portable vacuum cleaner to pull up all the baking soda.
  6. Once the baking soda has been removed, spray the area with an enzymatic cleaner. Ammonia based cleaning agents should be avoided, as they tend to smell like another cat’s urine. If you do not want to use a store-bought cleaner, you can make your own very simply. The recipe calls for one part of vinegar to two parts of water plus just a drop of dish liquid. If the smell of vinegar is too overpowering, you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to slightly diffuse the smell.
  7. Allow the solution to air dry for best results.
  8. Repeat as necessary if the smell is still lingering






Solution to Fix The Problem For Good  

So the solution that helped my cats stop spraying permanently is an eBook titled Cat Spray No More, written by Sarah Richards.

The eBook has personally helped my cats to stop spraying, which means less headache for me! I don’t have to clean all the time and feel embarrassed when friends come over to my house. My cats are a lot less stressed too because the ebook focuses on natural ways of getting them to stop. No chemicals or other weird methods are needed when you pick up this ebook.

Also, when you grab this useful ebook, you also receive four free gifts that can help you take even better care of your feline friends. These four gifts include:

  • The Cat Training Bible: Offers highly-detailed information on how to train your cat. While cat training is not a particularly easy task, it is a certainly a worthwhile one.
  • 101 Recipes for A Healthy Cat App: An application for your smartphone which provides recipes specifically designed for your kitty’s nutritional needs.
  • The Cat Blueprint: This is a second eBook which offers all the most essential information a cat owner could need to make sure their cat is happy and healthy. It talks about a variety of behavioral issues, dietary needs, how cats express feelings, and much more.
  • The Pet Medical Recorder Software: This is another application, which will allow you a straightforward way to track your pet’s health. The software is capable of tracking veterinarian appointments, vaccinations, illnesses, medical issues, age, weight, and much more. This bonus feature offers an effortless way to keep track of your pet’s health, which includes shots, vet appointments, weight, and more.

What’s more is that I have found a coupon code which gives you 30% off your order. I’m not sure how long this coupon will last, so you best claim it as soon as possible. You can get Cat Spraying No More here.


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