Top 12 Things Cats Hate

Has your cat been avoiding you or being moody? It is likely that you’ve done something to upset him or her. Cat memes that are making rounds on the internet have highlighted some of the things that bother our feline buddies. We, however, have a comprehensive list of things cats hate. That way, you can avoid doing them or merely understand why your cat is mad at you.


It’s quite funny to see the lengths some cats will go to, to avoid taking a bath. While it may be funny, most cats loathe getting wet, whether when it’s being cleaned or when its fur gets rained on or accidentally wet. There are cat breeds, though not keen about it, don’t mind getting water on their coat. Some cat breeds like the Turkish Van love water, hence the nickname “swimming cat”. Thankfully, cats don’t require frequent baths like humans or dogs. That is because cats groom themselves; they use their tongue to clean out dirt, debris and pests from their cat. On days they should take a bath, create a routine that eases them into the process.

Bathing is one of the things cats hate

Nail Cutting

Cats use their nails as a means of self-defense. While this is how they see it, to you it means tears on your coach or curtains. Trimming your cat’s nails is an uphill task – the chances are that if it’s not used to it, it’ll scratch you. Taking them to a vet to have them groomed is a safer bet.

Vet inspecting a cat

Being Brushed

For long-haired breeds especially, brushing is a necessary part of grooming. It is mostly done when they are shedding to avoid their fur getting knotted or shedding all over your furniture and clothes. Unless you’ve been raised your cat doing so, a brush in hand will have them making a run for it. As you can tell by now, cats don’t like being bothered.

Loud Noises

Have you seen a cat’s fur stand on the edge and the tail erect? Those are the telling signs of a frightened cat. Banging doors, loud car noises, thunder, fireworks or even sporadic high pitched laughs frighten cats. You’ll be able to tell what your cat hates by how they react. It is likely that they’ll jump and bolt for safety away from the noise.

Other Cats

Unless raised together, cats find it impossible to share a space. By nature, they are very territorial. When they see a cat encroaching in their area, a fight or spraying may take place. That is a way for marking their territory. If you have more than one cat, treat each one equally because they do not like favoritism. Liking one cat over another may cause them to become territorial. If you have other cats that stray into your yard, close the blinds or distract your cat so as to stop it from being agitated.

Car Rides

When taking your cat to the vet, a ride in your car is inevitable. Depending on your cat, it will express some less than pleasurable noises when going on a cat ride. Some cats don’t mind cat rides, but for most, being driven in a car is one of the things cats hate.

Dirty Litter Box

Cats have a more acute sense of smell than humans do. Therefore, a stinking litter box is something your cat hates. They will most likely find cleaner spots to relieve themselves, and that could be your laundry or carpet. If your cat has been peeing everywhere else apart from the litter box, this may be the problem. Apart from keeping it clean, the type of litter box matters. Get something that they can use comfortably and is appropriate for their size.

Spoilt Food

Cats are pickier eaters than dogs. They don’t like rotten food or one that’s been out too long. Finding leftovers in their bowl may mean that you’re feeding it too much food. When you do find leftovers, don’t mix it with fresh food. Instead, throw it away and rinse the bowl.

Cat eating from a bowl


Whether oral or injections, one of the things cats hate is having medicine administered to them. When they are unwell, drugs are a must. To get it to swallow pills, coat it with something they like, like cheese or their favorite sauce.

Aggressive Petting

When petting a cat aggressively, expect to be bitten or scratched. That is especially the case if you’re a stranger to the cat.  Twitching ears, a flicking tail and other signs of displeasure are subtle ways cat employ to get people to back off. For people who aren’t able to read your pet’s body language, warn them they’re likely to be clawed if they don’t stop.

Tummy Rubs

One of the most misinterpreted actions that a cat does is lying on their back. This sign has been thought of like the cat is asking for a tummy rub. What happens when you reach out and pet the tummy is the cat will wiggle out of it or use all its paws to get your hand off. This behavior for most people means playfulness; it’s not. The stomach is the cat’s most sensitive spot, and they aren’t keen to let people touch it. Lying on their back is how cats show greeting and trust.

Cat lying on its back

Being Ignored

Cats enjoy attention and companionship. Cats rub on your hands or legs to get attention, and will even hop on your workstation as a way to ask you to play with them. Some non-cat people think that having a cat means feeding and cleaning it only. However, you will have to play with them from time to time, although you can get cat toys to keep your cat amused. When they’re hungry, they’ll let you know by meowing and pawing your leg for hours. Ignoring your cat could lead to disruptive behavior, one of them being “intentional accidents” outside the litter box.


Most of the things that cats hate have to do with how they’ve been raised. When starting out with a kitten, with routine, some of these activities will be received with mild annoyance as opposed to with outright aggression. However, do be patient with your kittens, as you don’t want it to develop unwanted behavior when it is older.

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