What Can You Do To Stop a Cat From Spraying

So what can you do to stop a cat from spraying? We have the easiest solution ever to stop your cat spraying. The cat will stop spraying instantly, this is absolutely amazing, you must see this.

To stop your cat from spraying you need to know why they spray in the first place.

A cat starts to spray when they reach sexual maturity and can be as early as 3 months old.

What Can You Do To Stop a Cat From Spraying

The cat is spraying to attract the opposite sex, the cat actually thinks the smell is appealing and thinks that it is doing nothing wrong.

However, to us humans the smell is disgusting and will damage your furniture and even stain your walls.

So let’s now discuss the super easy way to stop your cat from spraying today, this is very fast and works.

What Can You Do To Stop a Cat From Spraying

The first tried and tested method to stop a cat from spraying (which is free by the way) is to get ahead of the game.

You now know your cat is going to spray from the age of around 3 months, you can combat this by stopping your cat from coming into contact with other cats.

Told you that it was a simple solution, but this actually works if you get in there early enough.

The next method works 100% of the time, if you get your cat neutered it is 100% guaranteed to stop spraying.

However, getting your cat neutered is costly, I know you are now thinking there must be a cheaper solution.

Well in actually fact there is a more affordable option available to you.

And, you do not have to put your cat through the pain and stress of being neutered.

We have one 100% working method to stop your cat from spraying, we have a detailed plan of action in our ebook.

You can find out more about the cat spraying no more review ebook here, this will change the way you look after your cat to enable it to stop spraying quickly.

If you have any questions after reading the ebook information you can contact us at any time, we are happy to help.

Keep in mind that it is completely natural for your cat to start spraying, they do not know that it is going to make you angry or that it will destroy your furniture.

Getting angry at your cat will not help, this will actually make matters worse.

When cats get stressed they will start to urinate too, they will also urinate to mark their territory.

Be sure your cat is actually really spraying and not urinating, these are two completely different problems.

Urine smells completely different to the spray smell, we all know what urine smells like.

A cat will urinate to mark their territory or because they have become stressed, through a change to their daily routine.

To stop them urinating you have to establish what caused them to start this off, maybe a change of home did it or you got a new pet.

Also urinating could be the cause of a medical issue, so in some cases you will need to seek advice from a vet.

We covered what can you do to stop a cat from spraying? The 100% working method is to have them neutered. If you do not want to do that then read our ebook, which also works 100% of the time and is a cheap alternative remedy to the problem.

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