Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Clothes

Why is my cat peeing on my clothes? Because you have made a change to their routine or they have a medical problem.

The cat is trying to get your attention, these are clever animals and they are letting you know something is wrong.

Now you need to discover what is wrong to stop the cat from peeing on your clothes all the time.

Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Clothes

When my cat was peeing on my shoes, trousers and even on my bed she had a medical problem. My cat had a serious tumour which killed her, she was trying to tell me she had a problem.

Now, don’t panic, your cat might not have a tumour, it might be as simple as a urine infection.

Let’s now take a run through the probable causes of why your cat is peeing on your clothes.

Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Clothes?

Your cat is peeing on your clothes because they have a problem.

To eliminate any medical problems you have to take them to the vet right away.

However you may want to eliminate any other problems first.

There is a simple way to stop cats peeing on clothes, follow the link to discover how it can be done fast today.

A change in your cats routine may have caused this, when a cat suffers anxiety and stress they behave differently.

For example, if you have moved home or even just moved the position of their litter box a little they will pee on your clothes instead.

Even a new pet in the house can cause it, this is because the cat is marking their territory and wants the new animal to know this.

Also, a cat will pee on your clothes if their little box is untidy and does not get cleaned out very often.

You must clean out the litter box at least once a day, the cat wants a nice clean area to urinate in.

The type of litter box used is also important, they may not like the size or even that it has a cover over it.

So, try different litter boxes until your cat has something they like. It is good advice to use two litter boxes side by side.

A cat may also urinate on a pile of clothes that looks like their litter box, for example if the clothes are piled up in a laundry basket, it may appear like their litter box, so make some changes to solve this.

Remember that it is important to take your cat to the vet if it doesn’t sound like it’s one of those problems, then it is most definitely caused by a health issue.

Just think how the cat is acting, when it started peeing on the clothes, were any changes made to their life in that time?

When you understand this the cat will stop peeing on clothes forever.

So Why is my cat peeing on my clothes? The cats life has changed and they have a problem. This might be a problem around the house or a health related issue.

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